New Item: Checkbook Covers!

Sale Priced at 7$!

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Hooray the Holidays are OVA’!

Thank goodness right? So ready for them to be done. We are all tuckered out but- that doesn’t mean we have stopped creating! We have a new product announcement tomorrow….. WOO-HOO! Stay tuned and you’ll be glad you did. We may even offer you a discount, a deeeep discount. (because you love us so much)

The holidays were filled with sweets a plenty ( my waistline has expanded, where  are my pregnancy pants!) and lots of exciting custom orders like:

This was a wonderful collaborative gone hat! Felted wool with beautiful purple accents 🙂 by dear Souneva. Like what you see? Want a different color? We can do it! Just ask 🙂

Ok- off to sew!

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Operation Handmade Holiday

IMG_2323Operation Handmade Holiday has begun! As we prepare for the holidays this year we are taking the pledge to make more gifts than ever before.Yes you can go to a store and BUY things, but isn’t it better to make them ? More personalized and of course cheaper!

We will be chronicling our handmade travels on both our ROBAY STUDIO blog as well as Sweet Hours. From soaps to crocheted ornaments ( pictured  to the right)  we will be making lots of gifty items for everyone on your list.

Quick Tip: I usually start by making a list of everyone on my ‘nice’ list 😉  I then sort them by groups, families, single folks, work buddies, kids etc. If you have 5 kids to buy for ask yourself, can I make them all something similar, say crayon roll ups or smock aprons ?  Lots of ladies to buy for  this year? If making soaps and spa gifts try bigger batches to save time!

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Exciting Launch on the Horizon!

Exciting things are happening in the studio! We are gearing up for a launch at a local store. The store, to be named shortly, offers a variety of beautiful antiques and treasures. We will be the perfect addition. TWO weeks! Sew mamas sew!


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Cloth baby Shoes!

IMG_1916Just listed! Cloth baby shoes. Super comfy and cute- sure to make a statement 🙂


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Kids Food Allergy Shirts~

Wondering if they are a good idea. Made one for Souneva’s daughter this weekend. Check it out:


Thoughts? Comments?

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Summer is coming to an End… back to work

Its been a nice long summer, with barely and sun! I and my partner are finally getting back on the horse and firing up the sewing machines!

Baylen celebrated is 6 mos birthday today and Ronan will be 1 in a matter of weeks. We can hardly believe how fast they have grown.

More to come later this week.

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Busy Busy… New projects

Its been a busy couple weeks! We are getting ready for fall and holiday  festivals. So far  this fall we are particpating in START on the STREET 2009! Getting super excited.

We have been working on a few new  things as well, such as cloth wipes  ( see photo below) and soon reuseable produce bags! Check out this awesome tutorial.  We may not be selling them, but they were all fun to make.


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Two New Girly Bibs


Busy weekend! Two new girly bibs! Sometimes I wish I had a girl- but then I look at my beautiful little boy and think he’s just right 🙂

These bibs are named after my two twin cousins Chloe and Grace. They are not babies any more but I think the patterns would suit them.

The Robay ladies have been in the sun all weekend! Souneva and her little ones went to the beach and a birthday party. I hung out at home in the back yard and also hung out by the lake in Dudley. Fun times! So nice to have some decent weather.


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