New Item: Checkbook Covers!

Sale Priced at 7$!


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Hooray the Holidays are OVA’!

Thank goodness right? So ready for them to be done. We are all tuckered out but- that doesn’t mean we have stopped creating! We have a new product announcement tomorrow….. WOO-HOO! Stay tuned and you’ll be glad you did. We may even offer you a discount, a deeeep discount. (because you love us so much)

The holidays were filled with sweets a plenty ( my waistline has expanded, where  are my pregnancy pants!) and lots of exciting custom orders like:

This was a wonderful collaborative gone hat! Felted wool with beautiful purple accents 🙂 by dear Souneva. Like what you see? Want a different color? We can do it! Just ask 🙂

Ok- off to sew!

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Operation Handmade Holiday

IMG_2323Operation Handmade Holiday has begun! As we prepare for the holidays this year we are taking the pledge to make more gifts than ever before.Yes you can go to a store and BUY things, but isn’t it better to make them ? More personalized and of course cheaper!

We will be chronicling our handmade travels on both our ROBAY STUDIO blog as well as Sweet Hours. From soaps to crocheted ornaments ( pictured  to the right)  we will be making lots of gifty items for everyone on your list.

Quick Tip: I usually start by making a list of everyone on my ‘nice’ list 😉  I then sort them by groups, families, single folks, work buddies, kids etc. If you have 5 kids to buy for ask yourself, can I make them all something similar, say crayon roll ups or smock aprons ?  Lots of ladies to buy for  this year? If making soaps and spa gifts try bigger batches to save time!

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Exciting Launch on the Horizon!

Exciting things are happening in the studio! We are gearing up for a launch at a local store. The store, to be named shortly, offers a variety of beautiful antiques and treasures. We will be the perfect addition. TWO weeks! Sew mamas sew!


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Cloth baby Shoes!

IMG_1916Just listed! Cloth baby shoes. Super comfy and cute- sure to make a statement 🙂


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Kids Food Allergy Shirts~

Wondering if they are a good idea. Made one for Souneva’s daughter this weekend. Check it out:


Thoughts? Comments?

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